Wednesday, February 10, 2010

6 island terrible

1. Fiji

It looks so wonderful this island? But first read .. still think that this is a beautiful island just a minute??Fiji has a history, the famous story of cannibal children - children, killing a child - a child, child abuse - children, die because - because of special seasick children - children. I think this hate the same island with children - children huh?Year 1840, there were missionaries who wrote about the island, he said, there lived the sadistic cannibals who captured adults and especially children from the sea and the beach. Young children hung a decorative flag, until eventually die because - because of seasickness. child - other children brought life - alive, create a role model for children - children of local residents about the art of war. children - children are catching on fire with an arrow, beaten with a cane until dead. Days until they cry and scream.children - the local kids play - playing with ways to torture and mutilated body of a girl catches.

2. Pacific Garbage Island

Ever watch a movie that trash the earth into space? This resemblance of the island, but with more garbage and without rockets.So, every time an American or Chinese trash into the sea, the object - it was all gathered into the same place, called North Pacific Gyre. The longer, more trash and now has become the island for Texas.Plastics that do not decompose, but it can be broken up small, even to the size of plankton and fish that are not being super-clever, so if you see that something like plankton, taken straight course. So later on the food chain would be: the fish eat the plastic, we eat fish, we continue to defecate in plastic and the plastic content of the result of more than 6x the amount of plankton. Let sama2 eat plastic.Oh yes, do not try - try standing on the island this garbage, because going directly to give way to the sea.

3. Izu Island

It is located in the territory of Japan. This island air was filled with sulfurous gases ama highest concentrations around the world. But that's okay, there's no living there.Eh, some still live there?Yup .. the people on the island of everyday life must wear a mask on. In the middle of the night, the sound of sirens going as severe sulfur gas concentrations to the point that if inhaled would just die with success. The people there spent his life in this way.Well, at least they are paid. Just who? Yes same researchers .. They are paid low because researchers want to know what if those people live wearing gas masks and air full of sulfur.
Oh yes, on this island there is also the tectonic plates that could produce super-massive earthquake.

4. Ramree Island

In 1945, the period of World War II, Japan sent 900 troops there. Time around, the way was blocked at the swamp. Think it's okay, the entry of the 900 soldiers there. 500 disappeared without a word.This island was inhabited as mosquitoes, deadly scorpions, alligators and sea MANY once. Soldiers who survived his injuries, the majority sampe-to expect better dead. This incident because she said, to enter the Guinness Book of World Records' "Greatest disaster suffered from animals."

5. Poveglia  Island

This island is in the waters of Venice, Italy. Initially because the Romans earlier times, with a 'good heart' to find a place for quarantine of people who catch the deadly virus at that time. The island continued to get elected Poveglia this 'honor' is, where thousands of people sick eventually die together.Several centuries later, the virus attacked Bubonic Europe and the island back to the 'glory' as his last picnic for the people dying. time the virus is getting worse, eventually everything looks a little sick immediately sent to the island Poveglia. Policies for 'letting herself to death was changed to' throw all the sick man to the big hole (wrote on it many bodies) continue to fuel '. The total number of deaths in this Pulai also be about 160,000 lives.Like not scary enough, the year 1922 on the island of sickly-smelling corpse was built asylum. Physicians Rumor soul was there with abusive patients put on the tower, continue on leave when a patient simply shout seeing ghosts disease. Further news, the doctors there also all die eventually thrown from the same tower or the same sickly ghost ghost wrote tortured mentally ill?Through the years, there are a bunch of people sent for living there. But the next day at home anymore because he said the night many voices of people screaming and apparitions. So, until now no one lived on the island of Poveglia.

6. Ilha de Queimada Grande (snake island)

This island is much the same in live snakes. There are fishermen who had strayed there, continue to come home with blood all boatSnakes that meet this island Golden Lancehead type. Venom is one of the terganas, can make rotten meat to the bone. already so this type cuman snakes on the island.
Can not imagine how horrible this island?

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