Friday, January 29, 2010

Sex Menu Seleb Hollywood

LOVE did not escape the lives of Hollywood celebrities. Performed a variety of ways to make their sex life remains vibrant. From ritual bare like Christina Aguilera, Posh Spice who "sleep" every night with David Beckham, to the custom style copulation Jennifer Connelly.
In celebration of the first anniversary, Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman performing rituals berbugil Sunday ria. Although in the eyes of some people in this way does not look sexy, but for Christina, this is the sexiest way to make their sex life is always hot.
"On the day of the week, we do anything at home. We undressed each other, and comfortable with the activity. We do not need to go anywhere. We just do it alone. Including cooking naked. Yes, we were naked when cooking. This ritual we call Naked Sundays. My husband and our claim to be the most comfortable pair sexual activities that run, "said chanter Genie in a Bottle is, as quoted by Popcrunch.
Meanwhile, Victoria Beckham, who became an icon Emporio Armani lingerie products with her husband, began to open about her sex life while appearing in a TV show in New York some time ago. Vic reveals recipes harmony in his sex life with David Beckham.
"We are very fortunate to have each other. I really felt that David was my soul mate. I have met my soulmate. He is also a great father to my children. And of course a good husband. I was still sexy in my marriage bahligai sailed for 10 years with him. Because, I try to 'sleep' every night with David Beckham, "he said through Dailymail.
Many ways can be done to blow back the desire to make love like the first night. Starting from the latest sex style, to the hottest locations to make sexual life more pleasant.
Not only that, having sex while doing other activities were still able to make a desire to make love stay vibrant. Like the Hollywood celebrities Jennifer Connelly. As soon as that was launched from She Knows.
Despite a busy career in the movies and take care of her two children, but did not make intimacy stars "A Beautiful Mind" with his partner is fading.
"I have sex, while reading a book or while talking on the phone. You can do other things while making love," he said in Esquire magazine.
In fact, winning Golden Globe awards are still struggling with shopping. Wow!
"If the sex in the living conditions of the room dark enough, I still can do it while shopping online on the internet," I'm a star "He's Just Not That Into You" is.
So, who says sex should be done with time-consuming? Or, should focus on mutual action 'satisfactory' alone? In fact, a lot of activity that can still be done when the penetration took place.

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